2 Water Heater Sounds You Should Address

A water heater is one of the systems in your home that you know is there, but you do not pay much attention to. One reason for this experience is that water heaters often operate in the shadows without any disturbance to your daily activities. However, when the appliance starts to make unusual sounds, everything changes. As you might imagine, your water heater is not supposed to make any noises, so should you encounter this problem, you need to know what to do.

1. Banging

One of the more noticeable sounds that can come from a water heater that is not working efficiently is a banging noise. This basically sounds like there is someone inside the tank trying to beat their way out and is sometimes referred to as hammering. Generally, this banging noise is the result of a change in water pressure going into the tank. If the pressure drastically lowers or raises, it can cause the pipe to shift, which causes the pipe to bang up against whatever structure that is surrounding it. 

It is important to get to the bottom of these pressure variants, as the continual banging of the pipes can lead to damage, which could ultimately result in a leak from the water heater. Keep in mind that this issue is more common in older units, so you may want to speak to a professional about a replacement.

2. Popping

An unusual popping sound is often synonymous with the presence of mineral buildup. In many municipalities, there are excess minerals in the water. Over time, some of these excess minerals settle along the base of the water heater tank. As the accumulation increases, it traps small pockets of water at the base of the tank. Occasionally, these small pockets of water will heat much faster than the rest of the water on top of the tank. As a result, the pockets of water will boil, which results in the popping noise you hear from outside the tank. 

As more of the sediment settles, and the water continues to boil, it can lead to a pressure buildup within the tank that can cause it to fail. It is also worth noting that the sediment buildup can reduce the flow out of the tank. Regular service is a great way to prevent this issue.

Again, if you detect any noises from your water heater, make sure you contact a professional for repair assistance as soon as possible. They can provide further information regarding water heater services.

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