Pipe Lining Could Be The Right Way To Repair Your Cracked Sewer Line

If your home still has an old cast iron or clay sewer pipe, the pipe could be at risk of failing. Iron rusts over the years and can eventually start leaking. Clay pipes are easy to crack and break. They can even be cracked by tree roots and start leaking sewage in your yard. When your sewer line breaks, you need to get it fixed quickly. A plumber might recommend pipe lining rather than digging up the old pipe and replacing it. Here are some things to know about pipe lining.

Pipe Lining Is Less Expensive Than A Replacement

One reason you may want to choose pipe lining is that it costs less than digging up the damaged pipe and putting in a new one. The plumber needs to dig a long trench in your yard from your home to the sewer main to remove the old drain.

The need for excavation adds to the cost of the pipe replacement. Also, digging up your yard can bring unexpected costs, such as the need to replace landscaping and sod. These costs are eliminated with pipe lining since there is no need for a trench to be dug.

Pipe Lining Can Be Done Under Sidewalks

Pipe lining is a way of sealing cracks in pipes and drains that's done completely underground inside of the damaged pipe. Because of this, it's possible to repair a leaky pipe under a sidewalk, slab, or shed. This could save a lot of disruption to your property since digging up the pipe would entail digging up your sidewalk or moving your shed.

The Process Might Take A Couple Of Days

Before a liner is put in a bad pipe, the old pipe has to be cleaned out by pressure washing it. The plumber might do this on the first day and then install the liner on the second day. When it's time to put the liner in the pipe, the liner is maneuvered inside the pipe, inflated, and then cured in place.

The plumber will let you know long to avoid using water in your home. You may not need to leave it off the entire time, but you might need to leave the water off for several hours. Since all the work is done outdoors, you probably won't need to be home while the work is being done. Your plumber will explain how the process works and what to expect so you're fully prepared once work begins.

The Pipe Liner Becomes A New Pipe

Once the liner is cured, it turns into a hard plastic pipe that's nestled inside your old pipe. The cracks in your old pipe are no longer a problem, and since the liner has no seams, tree roots are no longer a threat. The pipe liner should last for several decades, so you won't have to worry about problems with the sewer drain. However, you still have to be careful about what you flush and send down the drain because paper and grease clogs could still develop and need to be cleaned out.

For more information, contact a pipe lining service.

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