Drain Problems Getting You Down? 3 Signs Hydro Jet Cleaning Is The Answer

When it comes to your home, your drains may be the hardest things to keep clean. That's because all your raw sewage and waste flows through them. If you're like most homeowners, you may think that flushing your drains with hot water once or twice a week is enough. You may think that will keep them clean and sanitary. That's not necessarily the case. To keep them as sanitary as possible, you need to provide professional cleaning at least once a year. But, there are times when a deeper cleaning is needed. For those times, you need to go one step further on your drain cleaning. That's where hydro jet cleaning comes into the picture. Hydro jet pipe cleaning removes all the waste that clogs up your drains. Here are a few of the signs that point to your need for hydro jet cleaning. 

Ordinary Cleaning Hasn't Worked

Even if you work hard to maintain your drains, they can still get sluggish. If that happens, there's a good chance that they need to be hydro jet cleaned. Ordinary cleaning removes the basic gunk that builds up in your drains. But, if you've cleaned your drains and they're still clogged, it's time to talk to your plumber about hydro jet cleaning. This is especially important if your drains have been sluggish. Or, if you've noticed the occasional backup in your drains. 

There's a Clog in the Main Sewer Line

If you've been dealing with a stubborn clog, chances are good that the clog is further down the drain. If that's the case, your plumbers snake and home remedies aren't going to reach the affected area. This is especially true if you've discovered that the clog is in the main sewer line. One of the problems with ordinary drain cleaning is that the process can't get to those deep clogs. Hydro jet cleaning uses water pressure to cut through the toughest clogs — even those that are deep inside the main sewer line. This eliminates the clogs without invasive digging and cutting. 

Your Drains are Hissing and Growling

If you've noticed that your drains are hissing and growling, the problem could be coming from inside your vent stacks. You might not realize this but your plumbing system extends onto your roof. That's where your vent stacks are located. Those vent stacks ensure sufficient air flow to allow your drains to flow properly. If the vent stacks are clogged, your drains won't flow. Not only that, but you'll get the hissing and growling sounds. Hydro jet cleaning is the best way to eliminate the sounds and restore drain flow.

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