3 Reasons Tankless Water Heaters Are A Good Investment For The Elderly

Whether you have an older adult that you look out for or you are an older adult yourself, making the change to a tankless water heater can be a wise choice. Take a look at just some of the reasons why tankless water heaters are a good investment for elderly individuals. 

Elderly individuals tend to use far less hot water. 

One of the things that make tankless water heaters a good fit for elderly individuals is the fact that seniors generally do not use as much hot water. With fewer people in the household in most instances, shorter or less frequent baths or showers, and fewer household chores, the need for hot water goes down. Tankless water heaters can be bought in all different sizes, so you can pick up a smaller unit that will serve the household just fine. These units supply only the amount of hot water that is needed on demand. 

Costs associated with having hot water will better fit a fixed income. 

The majority of elderly individuals live on a fixed income, so every opportunity there is for them to save money can make their lives a bit easier. One of the greatest advantages of tankless water heaters is the fact that they can save anywhere from 27 to 50 percent on fuel costs when compared to traditional tank water heaters. Even though this may add up to what seems to be only a small amount per month, the savings over the year can be substantial. For an elderly individual that counts every dollar spent on home energy expenses, the lowered costs for hot water can be nice.  

Tankless water heaters are less likely to need maintenance. 

When you take a moment to think about a regular water heater, it is easy to understand why it needs maintenance or replacement more often than a tankless version. These units sit full of water that is continuously heated all the time. They are constantly at work and are constantly exposed to water. On the contrary, a tankless version only has water streaming through as it is demanded, and it supplies heat only during this process. Therefore, the unit is not constantly working to keep water heated that may or may not be used. For an older individual, having an appliance like this that requires less attention is always a bonus. 

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