Three Reasons Why Your Washing Machine May Not Be Draining Properly

When you run your washing machine, you expect the washing machine to fill with water, clean your clothes, drain away the tub of water and spin away any excess water. But, if you go to check your laundry and notice the water has not drained or has leaked out onto your floor, you are experiencing a problem. Here are three reasons why your washing machine may not be properly draining. 

You May Have a Clog in Your Drain Tube

One of the most common reasons why your washing machine may not be draining water at all is that you have a clog in your drain tube. Your drain tube carries water from the washing machine to the drain trap and drain pipe. These tubes are relatively thin and can close off due to soap accumulation or lint. If you pull your washing machine away from the wall, you will likely see the drain pipe. Disconnect it and run hot water through the tube to remove clogs or residue. If you are unable to remove the drain tube, both a plumber or appliance repair specialist can help you remove and clean or replace this part. 

The Washing Machine Drain Pump May Be Bad

Another reason why your washing machine may not be draining properly is that it has a bad drain pump. If the drain pump is bad, water may leak onto your floor or may not drain at all. This is common with older machines or machines that have heavy usage. You may also hear a loud roaring or clunking sound if the drain pump is going bad. An appliance repair company can install a new drain pump.

Your Drain Trap or Drain Pipe May Need to Be Cleared

If you notice water puddled on the floor in front of your washing machine during the drain cycle, you are likely either dealing with a drain trap or drain pipe clog. The drain trap is designed to catch lint and debris to prevent it from entering the drain pipe. if the drain pipe or trap are clogged, a plumber will need to be called in to free the clog and get water flowing again.  

If your washing machine is not properly draining, you may need to call in an appliance repair specialist or a plumber near me, depending on what the issue is. In either case, you can call in one of the professionals, and they can take a look and let you know if they can repair the problems or if you need to call in the other professional. If your washing machine is fairly new or you commonly encounter clogged drain lines, odds are you are encountering a plumbing issue, and you may need to hire a residential plumber to help you solve the problem. 

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