3 Reasons The Depth Of Your Well Affects The Price Of Water Well Pump Replacement

Most well pumps will last a lot of years before they have to be replaced, but eventually, your pump may have to be replaced. Knowing the factors that affect the cost of well pump replacement can help you estimate just how much you will spend for your new pump. One thing some water well owners forget is that the depth of the well can play a part in how much the job will cost. Here is a look at a few reasons why the depth of your well affects the end price of pump replacement. 

Submersible pumps are naturally more expensive than jet pumps.

Submersible pumps are pretty much a requirement for wells that are extremely deep. Even the high-pressure jet pumps cannot harness enough power to jet water from such a great depth. Therefore, a submersible pump is going to have to be used to replace the existing pump, and submersible models are more expensive. Since submersible water well pumps have to actually go into the well, they also take longer to install, which will also mean the price for overall installation is going to be a bit higher.  

Pump installation requires more materials if the well is deeper. 

If you have a really deep water well, the replacement of the pump can mean more materials have to be used to get the job done. Beyond the pump itself, connecting pipes to run down the depth of the well will be required to get water up to the surface and to a water holding tank or your home. Likewise, more wiring can be required for deeper wells to reach the pump and keep the pump powered because the pump is a longer distance from the power source. These additional materials will drive up the cost of the water well pump replacement. 

Well pump replacement is more time-consuming with a deeper well. 

The deeper the well, the longer it will take to retrieve the old pump to remove it, and the longer it will take to put the new pump in place down inside the well. Most well pump repair professionals will charge by the hour when they are called in to replace a well pump, so a longer install means a higher cost in the end. Some contractors will charge by the job, but even if they are quoting you a price per job, their time will be configured into that estimate. 

Keep these factors in mind and contact a water well pump replacement company to discuss the job.

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