When Sewer Line Issues Turn Up

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your plumbing and the more you know about the signs you should be looking for, the faster you will catch on to there being an issue. This means you will be able to catch problems right away and have a plumber come out quickly. If you have a serious issue, such as a problem with the sewer lines, then waiting until a problem gets bigger is a very bad idea. Here are some of the things you may notice happening around your property if there is something wrong with your sewer pipes.

A very soggy lawn

If you are noticing that a particular part of your lawn is suddenly always soggy, and you can't think of any reason for this, then there is a good chance that you have a sewer pipe break under there. The sewer water is coming out of the pipe and causing the dirt to become soaked to the point it is making its way to the surface which is causing the soggy lawn. If you don't have lawn, then instead you will simply have a muddy area where the leak is.

Strange growths in the yard

When you have a sewer line break that causes the ground to become very wet, then there are some other things that can happen in that area. You may start to see moss growing on rocks that are constantly exposed to moisture from the break. You may also see a lot of mushrooms start to pop up if you live in an area where mushrooms are commonly found. Also, if the break is causing water to seep all the way to your home, then you can start to see mold growth on the home's exterior. If ignored, the mold can make its way into the home and it can cause a lot of damage to the house.

Nice and green grass you thought you'd never get

If you have one area where the grass just seems to be flourishing all of a sudden without you doing anything different, then you don't wan tot get too excited, this can actually be a bad thing. When you have a sewer line leak, the sewer water can act as a type of manure to make your grass look healthy and vibrant green. Also, if there are flowers or other plants in that area, then they may also be doing exceedingly well.


If you start to see these things happening in your yard and you haven't been doing anything differently, such as watering the yard more often or starting to give your grass and foliage nutrients, then you want to call out a service, like Action Well & Pump Repair, to rule out a sewer leak.

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