5 Winter Pool Remodeling Projects To Make Next Summer Even Better

Summer is a great time of year to entertain, and if you have a pool, parties, swimming, and relaxing make it a great investment. What if you could make your pool better and remodel it before next summer? The winter months are the best time to do major remodeling to your pool and improve it. Here are some winter pool remodeling projects that will help make next summer even better:

1. Give Your Pool A Heater, Hot Tub, or Grado Area for More Relaxation

To start with your pool remodeling project, you will want to plan for improvements that give you more enjoyment and use. Installing a hot tub in your pool area is a great way to get a therapeutic feature that you can enjoy all year. And, if you want to enjoy your pool all year, you may want to consider adding a pool heater for longer swimming seasons and more enjoyment.

2. Updating Pool Deck Features and Adding Gathering Spaces for Entertaining

The old deck materials around your pool may be worn and in constant need of repairs. This is not only an unsightly addition to your pool area, but it can also be a danger when you have your pool open. When remodeling your pool this winter, consider updating pool decking with modern, slip resistant and durable surfaces.

3. Updating the Surface of Pools to Improve the Appearance and Match Pool Decks

When updating the decking around your pool area, you will probably also do improvements like replacing cooping around the edges of the water. In addition, you may want to consider doing improvements like resurfacing your pool with a new finish. Remodeling your pool during the winter months will give you the opportunity to do things like adding stairs, shallower water depth and other features in the pool surface.

4. Upgrading Filtration Systems for Improved Water Quality and Reduced Maintenance

Old filtration systems require a lot of maintenance and chemicals to keep water quality good enough for swimming throughout the season. Today, there are many options for updating your filtration system to reduce maintenance and chemical use, as well as improve water quality for swimming. You may want to consider options like natural filtration pool designs for your remodeling project or installing systems that use salt or other alternatives to conventional chlorine water treatment systems.

5. Having A Professional Plumber Install Water Features That Add to The Atmosphere of Pool Areas

There are also other improvements that plumbing contractors can install for your pool renovations, such as adding water features and installing pipes for upgrading filtration systems. Water features can be a great addition to your remodeling project and create a more natural look for your pool area. If you are doing a natural filtration system, you can add features like streams, ponds, and waterfalls that help to keep the pool water clean. Waterfalls are also a great solution to keep the surface of water clean and free of debris.

These are some winter pool remodeling projects that will make next summer even better. If you want to get started on improvements for your pool, contact a plumbing contractor for help with repairs and improvements like installing pool heaters, repairing cracked lines and other plumbing when doing major renovations to your pool. 

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