Are Slow Drains Sabotaging Family Meal Prep? 3 Helpful Tips To Solve The Problem

Cooking together as a family is an activity that is continuing to grow in popularity in many American households. The reasons for this growing level of interest in preparing family meals and snacks together are varied. For some families, it is simply a way to spend more time together, while other families use time spent cooking together to teach children about nutrition, or to strengthen basic skills, such as reading comprehension and math. If your family enjoys cooking together but you don't do it as often as you would like because of problems with slow running drains, the following tips can help you cure your drain problems and get the whole family back into the kitchen. 

1. Redouble your efforts to keep drains grease-free

Keeping grease from getting into your kitchen drains is the best place to begin when attempting to solve a slow running drain issue. A good way to do this starts with saving plastic food containers that have lids, such as coffee cans with snap on lids, and mayonnaise or peanut butter jars with screw-on lids. Use these containers to hold cooled oils, fats, and greasy cooking liquids. When filled, simply cap the container tightly and place it inside the household trash receptacle, instead of introducing fat-laden liquids into your drain pipes.

2. Periodically bolster drain efficiency

No matter how careful your family is regarding greasy or oily liquids, some of these potentially drain clogging substances will still make their way into your kitchen drains. To overcome this problem, consider treating your drains to an efficiency-boosting regimen twice each month.

To do this simply place a cup of baking soda in each drain opening. Next, heat a cup of plain, white vinegar in the microwave for each opening. When hot, carefully pour one cup of the heated liquid into each drain opening. The combination of the baking soda and vinegar will set off a reaction that foams and bubbles to help loosen and remove greasy residue. Once the bubbling activity stops, run hot water from the tap into the drain for a few seconds to complete the treatment. 

3. Discover hidden issues 

While keeping greasy liquids out of your drains and bolstering their efficiency can be very helpful in improving drain function, neither can completely remove hidden drain issues that may be festering inside the drain pipes, like roots, cracks, or large clogs. If you have always taken care to use your kitchen drains correctly but still find them to be slow or frequently clogged, having them inspected by a professional drain cleaning service is recommended. 

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