Three Signs You Need To Call A Plumber

Your home is important to you, and your plumbing is one of the most essential parts of your home's functionality. If your plumbing fails, you lose the ability to bathe, do laundry, wash dishes, and perform other household tasks that require water.

While the odd toilet clogging or slow drain problem can be handled on your own, there are some occasions in which hiring a plumber is best. Here are signs you need to hire plumbing contractors.

Constant clogging toilet

If your toilet clogs every time you use it or you see that there is never enough water in the toilet bowl for a successful single flush, call your plumber. There may be something lodged in your toilet, such as a feminine product, cotton swab, or other debris, that is keeping your toilet from operating as it should.

Every time you plunge your toilet, you send the clog deeper down into your sewer line, thus making your problem worse. Your plumber will send a video or lighted snake down your toilet's lines and will remove the clog once it's been located.

Stinky drains

Stinky bathtub or kitchen and bathroom sink drains are not only embarrassing, but they are also a sign that something is caught in your drains, making them smell foul. Bacteria or rotting food particles can be the culprit. Try a homemade baking soda and vinegar rinse down your drains first, and if the problem doesn't go away, call your plumber to see what is going on with your drains to make them smell bad.

Dirty water

Red, brown, yellow, or debris-ridden water can be an indicator that your water heater is going bad, there is something in your sewer lines, or your older plumbing lines are starting to break up. Since it's hard to determine what is making your water turn strange colors and dirty water can become a nuisance to both drink and cook with, call your plumber as soon as you notice the slightest tinge in your water.

Your water may not always run dirty; sometimes only the hot water is affected, or your water may only look dirty for a few seconds before turning clear. Your plumber will identify what the debris is in your water supply and make plumbing repairs in your home to keep the problem from returning.

Keeping your home's plumbing in good repair will help protect your family and home. Call a plumber for all plumbing emergencies, even if you think you can make plumbing repairs on your own.

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