Purchasing A Used Furnace? Problems To Consider

Your furnace might break down before you are ready to purchase a new one. When this happens, you may feel tempted to purchase a used furnace since you will be able to save more money than you would with a new furnace. Keep reading to learn more about this option.

Don't Buy Very Old Furnaces

Typically, you will want to replace a furnace that has lasted through more than 3/4 of its life expectancy. That way, you won't have to worry about your furnace breaking down and leaving you in the cold. If you are purchasing a used furnace, don't purchase one that is almost near its life expectancy because you may quickly find yourself in the market for another furnace.

You May Not Save That Much

Even if you may save money by purchasing a used furnace, the bulk of your expenses come from having your old furnace removed and replacied. However, even with the installation costs, you may save some money.

You Might Not Have a Warranty

There is no such thing as a gently used furnace unless it came from a home that was not occupied for much of the time it was in service. Also, some furnaces may have only been used for a short while before the owner realized that it wasn't the right size for their home. New heaters come with a warranty. Without this warranty, if something goes wrong with your used furnace, you won't be guaranteed a replacement.

When purchasing a used furnace, make sure to find out why it is being sold in the first place. Knowing the reason why the owner is selling it will help you determine if you should purchase it. 

Refurbished Furnaces Might Be Better Options

Another option besides purchasing a used furnace from an owner is to purchase a refurbished furnace. Refurbished furnaces have been repaired by the furnace vendor and are typically sold at a lower price. Ask for details. Some companies may offer a warranty or other benefits.

Some vendors have old models that were never sold. They tend to be less expensive than the newest models, but they may be less efficient. Newer furnaces tend to have modern modifications that make them more efficient. 

Newer Furnaces Will Save You Money Long-Term

If you are able to afford it, you should still consider purchasing a newer furnace. While a typical new furnace has an efficiency at 80%, there are some that have an efficiency that is at almost 98%. The added efficiency will save you money in the long-run.

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