Drains Starting To Smell? Try These 4 Tips

Have you noticed a foul odor coming out of the drains in your home? If so, this can cause you to be concerned about a potential problem with your plumbing system. Here are 4 tips to help you solve the mystery of the smelly drain:

Check The Septic Tank

If your home has a septic tank, it may be the cause of an odor coming out of the drains. Check the levels of the waste in the tank, since it may be time to have the tank pumped. Thankfully, this is routine maintenance for a septic tank and nothing to be concerned about; however, if you ignore the problem, you could eventually have raw sewage backup into the drains of your home.

Clear The Clogs

There could be a clog in your pipe that is causing a nasty smell, but the clog is too deep for you to see from looking into the pipe. This can easily happen if items make their way down the drain that are not supposed to be there, such as leftover food on plates that have been rinsed, or hair stuck inside a shower drain pipe. These clogs might not even cause the water to stop flowing down the drain, making it hard to tell that they are there.

It will help to use a drain auger to clear out what is stuck inside the pipe. You can purchase these at your local home improvement store, and they operate by turning a crank as the auger loosens debris inside the pipe. You can also buy a cheap sewer snake with a Velcro pad on it, which is great for clearing hair clogs in the bathroom.

Wet The P-Trap

Is the smell coming from a drain that you do not use frequently? It is possible that the smell has been caused by a dry P-trap. Fixing the problem should be as simple as running the sink and filing the P-trap up with water again, which will seal the pipe's path to the sewer and prevent sewer gas from making its way into the home.

Unclog The Vent Pipe

It is possible that your plumbing ventilation pipe has become clogged, causing odors to flow back to your house. You'll need to investigate the ventilation pipe and look for signs of debris clogging it, such as leaves or a bird's nest. Clearing the clog should also take care of the odor problem.

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