A Hot Water Dispenser Makes Cooking Quicker And More Convenient

If you don't have much time to prepare meals or if you just hate cooking, then a hot water dispenser can make your life easier. By having hot water on demand, you can cook from scratch much quicker and won't need to rely on fast food or microwave cooking. Here are some things to know about installing and using a hot water dispenser.

Why A Hot Water Dispenser Is Useful

One of these dispensers delivers water that is nearly boiling hot right from the tap. The water isn't boiling because it is held in a reservoir and it would boil away if the temperature is too high. However, it is hot enough to use for instant coffee, instant soup, and to warm up baby bottles. This reduces the wait time for preparing meals on the stove since you don't have to wait for the water to boil at regular tap temperature. Hot water on tap also speeds up timesaving devices like an electric pressure cooker since the cycle finishes quicker if you start with hot water.

How A Hot Water Dispenser Is Installed

You can buy a hot water dispenser that sits on the counter, but the best way to have one is to install it under the sink so it is out of the way. A plumber can mount the heating reservoir under the sink and attach it to the cold water line. This allows cold water to flow into the heater and refill when water is drained from the spout. You'll need to buy the spout of your choice to go with the dispenser. The spout rests on top of your sink just like the regular faucet spout.

You can place the spout in the opening for a sprayer, but if you don't have an opening already, the plumber can create a new opening in the sink. You can even buy a new sink with extra openings that accommodate a traditional faucet, sprayer, and hot water dispenser. You can control the temperature of the water in case you want it a little cooler for making hot drinks. You can even turn it off so you don't waste electricity if you're going to be away for several days.

What Options Are Available

There are different sizes of hot water dispensers. They are rated by the number of cups of hot water they can produce in an hour. The capacity of the dispenser is determined by the size of the reservoir and its wattage. You can also buy dispensers that deliver filtered chilled water as well and have one of those installed with your hot water dispenser for the ultimate in kitchen convenience.

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