2 Ways That Plumbers Can Fix Your Sewer Line

When it comes to your sewer line, you are responsible for anything that is past the connector toward your house. That means that if your sewer line breaks under your front yard, it's your job to come up with someone to track down the problem and repair it for you. If you need to have your sewer line repaired, there are different options for you to choose from. 

Trench Repair

One option is for you to use the trench style repair. When the plumber comes to repair to repair the sewer line, they are going to dig a trench that will run the length of the sewer line so that they can find the problem. There are ways that they can make it so that they don't have to dig up the whole line to find the issue. One of those ways is to use a camera on a fiber optics cable. The plumber will run that camera down the sewer and find where the problem is. Once they identify where the problem is, they can dig a trench at that particular area. That will mean less of a mess in your yard and less work for the plumber. After the plumber has unearthed the problem, they can replace the pipe, clear the clog, or rectify whatever the issue is. Then they will cover the trench in and you should have no more problems. 

Trenchless Repair

You may be able to work with a plumber who does trenchless repair. These plumbers, instead of digging up a trench that will run the length of your sewer line, will use a camera to find the problem. If the problem is a break, then they will feed a special pipe down through the sewer line. They will very carefully send that pipe down to the break and when they reach the break, they will make sure that the pipe does what it's supposed to. In this case, the pipe is supposed to burst the broken part of the pipe and then expand so that it takes the place of the broken pipe. When it's in place, the plumber will make sure that the pipe is sealed and then your sewer line should be fixed again. 

If you have a sewer problem, you want the plumbers to come in and get the problem fixed as soon as possible so that you don't have raw sewage all over the place. Contact a service, like Quality Plumbing, for more help.

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