4 Common Ways A Toilet Can Malfunction

Flushing a toilet may seem like a simple task, but it actually sets off a series of events to move waste into a sewer or septic tank. If the toilet is not working properly, you could have a big problem on your hands. Here are some common problem you can experience with a toilet

Constantly Running Water

When flushing a toilet, the tank will empty a bunch of water into the bowl and then start to refill. The water going to the tank will shut off automatically when it is full, but this doesn't always happen. Sometimes the water continues to run, which wastes water that is going right down the drain.

You can fix the problem by taking a look inside the water reserve tank. One of the few parts may need to be replaced or fixed is the lift arm, tank ball, and flapper. Try to find the part that is not doing its job, and replace it if necessary. However, sometimes all you need to do is extend the chain that connects to the flapper, which gives it the slack it needs to lower onto the water drain,

Splashing Water When Flushing

Do you hear a sound of water splashing in the water reserve tank every time that you flush? If so, this could be caused by the tank refill hose being in the incorrect position. You are hearing the water spray against your toilet's water reservoir tank, when is should be positioned into the tank's overflow tube. Get everything lined up properly and see if that fixes the sound, since it should be as simple as sticking it back in the overflow tube.

Gurgling Noises

If your house uses a septic tank, you need to be concerned about gurgling sounds that occur after you flush the toilet. This is a warning sign that something is wrong with the septic tank, and it may soon back up into your home. This can happen if the septic tank is full and the waste has nowhere else to go. Try having the tank serviced to fix this problem as quickly as you can.

Leaking Base

The toilet wax ring can be a source of a leak that is coming from the toilet's base. First see if you can fix the problem by tightening the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor. If that doesn't work, you'll need to place a new wax ring under the toilet to form a better seal. This is an easy repair that you can do on your own or have a local plumbing service do for you.

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