Why Waste Doesn't Flow Through Plumbing Lines

Has waste stopped flowing through the plumbing lines in your house for some unknown reason? If you have tried numerous products and equipment in an attempt to resolve the problem but have not seen good results, professional help is likely needed. There are a few areas of the plumbing system that will need to be inspected before the root cause of the problem can be diagnosed and repaired. However, a plumber can use special equipment to pinpoint the problem in a timely manner. In this article, you will discover some of the problems that can interfere with the flow of waste traveling through plumbing lines.

Plumbing Lines May Have Collapsed

One of the reasons for waste to stop flowing through plumbing lines is when the lines have collapsed. The bad thing about collapsed plumbing lines is that you may not be able to see them, such as if they are hidden behind drywall. Collapsed plumbing lines are in need of a repair as quickly as possible to prevent damage to the drywall and other aspects of your house. If there are any collapsed pipes, the problem might stem from fitting becoming loose and needing to be tightened up. It is also possible the pipes are rusty and broken due to old age.

The Problem Might Stem from the Main Sewer Line

Being that you have already tried using different methods to get waste to flow through the plumbing lines, it is possible that the problem is not inside of your house. The main sewer line can actually lead to the pipes in your house backing up when it is not in good shape. Basically, the main sewer line is located under the ground on the outside of your house. A plumber can use a pump to clear the line out and see if it resolves the problem inside of your house. He or she can also examine the pipe via an articulating borescope to determine if it should be replaced.

Trapped Debris Might Need Professional Removal

The products that you have been using inside of your plumbing system might not be powerful enough to get the job done. For instance, you might need the power of a commercial plumbing snake to clear debris out of the system, as the ones sold in stores might not be sufficient enough. A plumber can also remove trapped debris manually if it is necessary for fixing the problem.

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