Tips for Making a Portable Restroom Enjoyable to Use

If you plan on hosting a party at your home, and you are going to have several guests in attendance, you may have considered renting a portable restroom for them to use during this time period. This will save your septic system from becoming overloaded, as well as help in keeping your home safe from potential security breaches. Some people may think of using a portable restroom as an unfavorable experience. There are some steps you can take to enhance a bathroom visit when using a portable restroom.

Here are some tips you can use to make the experience a positive one for all who attend your party.

Place the Restroom in an Area Out of View

It is a good idea to place several signs on your property indicating where the restroom is located. This will keep those attending from trying to get into your home to use your restroom, as well as make it easy for them to gain access to facilities when they are needed. It is also a nice gesture to place the restroom in a spot where it is not in view of the rest of the party. Tucking the restroom behind a tree or bushes will help keep those from being shy about needing to go inside as there will not be others watching them as they do so.

Add Some Toiletries for Guests to Use

Some portable toilet units will not come with a sink. If you rent one without this feature, you will want to supply your guests with soaps that do not require the use of water to use them. You can add a removable shelf to the interior of the portable toilet unit where this soap can be placed. A sign can also be added so guests know to use this soap after using the restroom. This shelf can also hold paper towels, a handheld mirror, perfume, and other items guests can use to spruce up their appearance if desired.

Give Guests Some Pleasing Sights & Sounds

Consider decorating the front of the portable toilet unit to match the theme of the party you are holding. A poster can be placed on the door of the bathroom, giving those who visit it a reason to smile before they go inside. Place a portable radio or compact disc player inside or near the portable toilet unit. This will help relax guests as they use the facilities. Faux flowers can be placed in vases and added to the interior of the bathroom to aid in giving it a festive appearance as well.

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