Need A New Water Heater? Why Go Tankless

Is your traditional water heater showing signs that it is on its last legs? If so, you are looking into what kind of unit to replace it with. While it is easy to go with a similar product to what you already have, now is the time to make a significant upgrade to your home's hot water. Tankless water heaters may be more expensive, but they have some benefits that could cause them to be well worth it.

Space Saving

Many homeowners want to go tankless because of the space saving benefits. A tankless water heater is tiny. It is mounted on a wall and vents to the outside, which is a huge difference from those traditional water tanks that you are used to having. Is your water tank currently in a closet because you don't have a basement or attached garage to put it in? A tankless model can help you reclaim that closet space.

The reason for the space savings is because a traditional tank needs to be big enough to accommodate everyone in a home. Since water only passes through a tankless model, you don't need to waste space on storing hot water.

Long Lasting Lifespan

Expect to only get up to 13 years with a traditional tank. The biggest threat to a tank's lifespan is the tank itself, which can rust through after years of use. One the hole forms in the tank, you'll need to replace it with a whole new model. Tankless models last as much as 20 years on average, so considerably longer than its traditional counterpart.

Money Savings

While a tankless model costs more up front, you'll end up paying less over time with less frequent water tank replacement. In addition, a tankless water heater also consumes less energy to do its job. It costs $108 less than a gas water heater, and $44 less than an electric model. While the savings are not huge, they will add up over time.


Is being environmentally conscious your main concern? That may be enough to sell you on a tankless model. Since it only heats water as you use it, you will not waste energy heating water that is not being used. You'll also contribute less to landfill waste with less frequent water heater replacement.

For more information on installing a tankless water heater, speak with a local plumber such as All About Plumbing.

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