Tips To Help You Avoid Drain Clogs In The Future

Hiring a company to come clean your drain pipes can become costly and annoying, especially if it happens frequently. If you are tired of experiencing slow-moving or clogged drains on a regular basis, there are several steps you can take that may help you keep your drain lines clean. Here are some tips to consider using if you keep experiencing problems with your drains.

Stop Using Your Drains As Garbage Cans

While you might not literally be throwing your trash in your drains, you might be throwing certain things in them that do not belong. This can include diapers, feminine products, and cigarette butts. In your kitchen, you might throw grease, food, and coffee grounds down your drains. These items will all lead to clogged lines in your house. They may cause plumbing pipes to become clogged, but they may also clog up your septic system, if you have one in your yard.

To keep your drains clean, you must stop throwing things in them. Drains usually work great if you only use them for waste and waste water. Anything else can cause problems with drain lines.

Start Protecting The Drains

Not only is it important to use caution with what you put in your drains, but you may also want to take an extra step by blocking natural things that can end up causing clogs in drain pipes. Hair is one of the most common natural items that can lead to clogs, and you can stop this by placing screens over the drains. You can purchase screens for your drains from any hardware store, or you could use items around your house for this purpose.

Some people place dryer sheets over their drains. These allow water to go through them, but they stop other things from entering, including hair. Another option is to cut up an old window screen and place pieces over your drains. There are many other items you may have around your house that will also work well for this purpose.

Check Your Plumbing Vents

Plumbing vents are a vital component of plumbing systems, yet many people do not even know they exist. A plumbing vent is typically located on the top of a house, but it is connected to the plumbing in the house. The main purpose of a plumbing vent is to allow sewer gases a way to exit a home. Without vents, these gases would end up inside your home, and this can be smelly and hazardous.

While plumbing vents are for releasing gases, they also help with the flow of drain water. When a plumbing vent is clogged, it stops the water from draining through the pipes properly. The vent helps keep air flowing, and a clogged vent basically creates restrictions for the water. If you have not had your plumbing vents checked recently, have a drain-cleaning company check them for you.

Clean Your Drains Often

Finally, you may want to take a little time once a month to clean the drain lines in your house. You can do this with drain-cleaning products that you can purchase from stores, or you can use natural remedies.

A good, natural way to clean drain lines is by pouring boiling hot water in them. The hot water can loosen up debris that is stuck to the pipes, and this can help reduce buildup of debris in the pipes. Some people also use baking soda and vinegar to clean their drain lines, and this also works well.

If you have a clogged drain and cannot get the clog loose, you can hire a company, such as Backlund Plumbing, to clean the line for you. Drain-cleaning companies can clean any drain line and can help you find other ways to avoid clogs in the future.

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